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Real Estate Memes

The Story

At IG Bailey & Co we are famous for a couple things.  Unfortunately, one of those things is real estate memes.  The other thing is a good sense of humor.  The real estate memes started out as a one time thing, just to have some fun.  Then it just spiraled out of control.  They were a huge hit on social media.  The whole idea was to shamlessly market real estate alongside whatever the current events of the day were.  These are designed to be parody.  Sometimes they touch on a sensitive subject for some viewers.  The goal is not to offend people.  The goal was to break the chain of never ending articles that real estate agents post that start out something like “5 home staging tips” or “Best ways to winterize your home.”  We sat down and came up with some fun content that was relevant to current events.  Inspired by writers like Trey Parker and Matt Stone the writers of South Park.  Unfortunately, we are nowhere near as funny as them.  That is why we are making real estate memes, instead of a hit animated series.

Note to Real Estate Agents:

If you are a real estate agent and you have stumbled on this page, you’re in good company.  Feel free to use any or all of the concepts here for your own marketing.  This is our contribution to your business.  If your Principal Broker throws a fit, refer him to this page.  In all Seriousness, don’t use my face on your memes.  Be a little bit original.