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Get a CMA


  1. Fill out First Name and Last Name
  2. Fill out Address
  3. Fill out Phone Number
  4. Fill out Email
  5. Click Request Evaluation
  6. Look at value, decide it’s time to move, click “Request Expert Evaluation
  7. Sell house, move to new house, live happily ever after

Why do you need a CMA?

There are three solid reasons why you might need a CMA (comparitive market analysis) on a home.  First, you could be looking to sell the home you currently own. Second, you might be curious about a home that you are considering purchasing.  Third, you might need the information for a tax appeal.  Fourth, you are just nosy AF.  The good news is we can help regardless of why you are here.

The big difference between our CMA and those on other real estate sites is what you get.  On most real estate sites you fill out a form, someone gets an email, and runs a CMA.  Not here, we paid a computer genius in Serbia to code this so you can get the value right on the screen.  Try it, it’s pretty great.  You will have two options once you click request evaluation.  The first is to just see the value.  This is called an AVM value or Automated Valuation Model.

What is an AVM?

An AVM or Automated Valuation Model is the starting point that real estate agents (and brokers) start with to determine the fair market value of a property.  This could be the most accurate value for your home.  However, it could be a little off.  The AVM can’t take certain things into account.  For example, if you just renovated your entire home.  We don’t send out little drones to figure that out.  One of our agents would still have to come to your home and physically look at what you’ve done.

Isn’t this Just Like a Zestimate?

It is very much like the Zestimate from Zillow in the fact that we can give you a value immediately.  It is not like Zillow in that we have real time information that is NOT powered by unicorns and fairy dust.

Are You Going to Contact Me When I Fill This Out?

You bet we will.  The information here is no obligation, but we will call you.